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Bhitarkanika National Park [Odisha]

Bhitarkanika National Park is a pristine destination located in the Kendrapara district of Odisha, India. It is a unique ecosystem that boasts a vast mangrove forest and is home to numerous species of flora and fauna. The park is spread over an area of 672 square kilometers and is surrounded by the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bhitarkanika National Park
Bhitarkanika National Park

Mangrove Forests

The National Park is famous for its unique mangrove ecosystem, which covers almost 70% of the park. It is one of the largest mangrove forests in India and is home to a variety of mangrove species. These forests act as a natural barrier against cyclones and tsunamis and also provide a habitat for a large number of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Wildlife in Bhitarkanika National Park

The park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including saltwater crocodiles, Indian python, king cobra, Indian rock python, water monitor lizard, spotted deer, wild boar, and rhesus macaques. The park is also home to numerous bird species, including kingfishers, storks, herons, and egrets. Bhitarkanika National Park is also a nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle.

Q. Two important rivers- one with its source in Jharkhand (and known by a different name in odisha), and another, with its source in odisha- merge at a place only a short distance from the coast of bay of Bengal before flowing into the sea. This is an important site of wildlife and biodiversity and a protected area. Which one of the following could be this ?

(a) Bhitarkanika

(b) Chandipur

(c) Gopalpur

(d) Simlipal

Ans: (a)

Solution: The description provided in the question refers to the merging of two rivers with different names in Jharkhand and Odisha and then flowing into the Bay of Bengal. The protected area with rich biodiversity and wildlife could refer to the Bhitarkanika National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha. Therefore, the correct answer is (a) Bhitarkanika.

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