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Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC)

Central Vigilance Commission is the apex vigilance institution, free of control from any executive authority, monitoring all vigilance activity under the Central Government. 


Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) was set up by the Government of India in February, 1964 on the recommendations of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption, headed by Shri K. Santhanam Committee, to advise and guide Central Government agencies in the field of vigilance.

How the Central Vigilance Officer is appointed and removed? 

The appointment is done by the president of Indian on the recommendation of body consisting of Prime Minister as the chairman, Minister of home affairs, LOP in Loksabha

The vigilance commissioner can be removed from the office by the president after report on the matter from Supreme Court.

Integrity Index

The CVC has decided to go in for development of the Integrity Index-based on bench-marking of internal processes and controls within an organisation as well as management of relationships and expectations of outside stakeholders.

CVC has supervisory powers over CBI. However, CVC does not have the power to call for any file from CBI or to direct CBI to investigate any case in a particular manner.