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FCRA: Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) is a crucial law that governs the regulation of foreign contributions and foreign hospitality in India. The law was enacted in 1976 with the aim of regulating the acceptance and utilization of foreign contributions and hospitality by individuals and organizations in India.

The FCRA applies to all individuals and organizations operating within the territory of India that accept foreign contributions or hospitality. This includes NGOs, societies, trusts, and other charitable organizations. Under the act, foreign contributions are defined as any donation, delivery or transfer made by a foreign source of any article, currency or security.

The FCRA requires all organizations accepting foreign contributions to register themselves with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The registration process involves submitting various documents, including the organization’s constitution, details of its office bearers, and a bank account designated for receiving foreign contributions.

Once an organization has been registered under the FCRA, it is required to maintain separate books of account for all foreign contributions and hospitality received, as well as the expenses incurred using those contributions. The organization must also file an annual return with the MHA, providing details of all foreign contributions received and utilized during the year.

The FCRA places several restrictions on the utilization of foreign contributions. For example, organizations are prohibited from using foreign contributions to fund any political activities or to support candidates for election. They are also prohibited from using foreign contributions for activities that are likely to prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, or that are detrimental to the national interest.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the FCRA can result in severe penalties, including the cancellation of an organization’s registration and criminal prosecution of its office bearers. Therefore, it is essential that organizations accepting foreign contributions and hospitality in India comply with the provisions of the FCRA.

In conclusion, the FCRA plays a vital role in regulating foreign contributions and hospitality in India. The act provides a framework for the acceptance and utilization of foreign contributions, while ensuring that they are not misused for any activities that are detrimental to India’s national interest. Organizations operating in India must comply with the provisions of the FCRA to avoid facing legal penalties.

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