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Grasslands of the World

If you are curious about the Grasslands of the World and their geographical distribution, you are in the right place. Grasslands are large areas of land dominated by grasses rather than trees or shrubs.

What are Grasslands?

Grassland is a special type of ecosystem found in the regions having relatively lower rainfall. The ecosystem is dominated by grasses. The climate in grasslands supports the growth of grasses and other herbs but does not sustain large trees due to insufficient rainfall, periodic droughts, and frequent fires.

Grasslands are the transient ecosystems that are found between the Forest and the Desert. There are different types of Grasslands like Prairies, Savannas, and Steppes.

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"Soil in Grasslands are fertile and rich in nutrients, making it ideal for grazing animals."

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Types of Grasslands of the World

There are classified based on the climatic condition and resultant vegetation types. There are two types of Grasslands of the world.

  • Tropical Grasslands
  • Temperate Grasslands

Tropical Grasslands

Tropical grasslands are ecosystems characterized by grasses and scattered trees or shrubs. These grasslands occur in tropical regions with warm temperatures and distinct wet and dry seasons. Most of the rainfall occurs during the wet season and the dry season is longer. Forest fire is quite frequent in the grasslands.

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"Tropical Grasslands are habitat for wild animals like Elephant, Zebra, Lion etc."

Tropical Grasslands in World

The shorter plants make it convenient to hunt in this ecosystem. The Savanna in Africa is an example of such grasslands.

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Location of Tropical Grasslands

Tropical Grassland Region
Savanna Africa
Campos Brazil
Llanos Venezuela

Temperate Grasslands

Temperate grasslands are similar to tropical grasslands however there is a difference in the climatic condition of the two ecosystems. The rainfall is scanty and most of the rainfall is in the form of dew and snow. The average rainfall is between 25 cm to 75 cm. Prairies, Steppes, or Pampas, are some of the examples of this grassland.

These grasslands are found in temperate regions between forests and deserts. They experience distinct seasonal variations in temperature and precipitation.

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"Animals like Bison, Antelopes, Foxes etc. are found in the temperate grasslands."

Temperate Grasslands in the World

Location of Temperate Grasslands

Grasslands Country
Pampas Argentina
Prairie America
Veld South Africa
Steppe Asia
Downs Australia
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