Licchavi Lyceum


Licchavi Lyceum


I. Environment and Ecosystem

II. Biodiversity and its Conservation

III. Ecosystems

IV. Natural Resources

V. Environmental Pollution

VI. Climate Change

VII. Ozone Depletion

VIII. Waste Management

IX. Social Issues and the Environment

X. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

XI. International Organisation and forum for Environment Conservation
XII. Organisation in India for Environment Conservation

XII. Species under Threat

Art and Culture

I. Painting

  1. Prehistoric Rock Paintings
  2. History of Painting in India
  3. Cave Painting
  4. Mural Painting
  5. Miniature Painting
  6. Mughal Painting
  7. Pala Painting
  8. Deccani Painting
  9. Mysore Painting
  10. Thanjore Painting
  11. Rajput Painting
  12. Rajasthani Painting
  13. Mewar Painting
  14. Kishangarh Painting
  15. Phad Painting
  16. Pahari Painting
  17. Basholi Painting
  18. Guler Painting
  19. Kangra Painting
  20. Madhubani Painting
  21. Kalighat Painting
  22. Kalamkari Painting
  23. Warli Painting
  24. Fresco Painting
  25. Company Painting
  26. Painting of Raja Ravi Verma
  27. Painting of Abinandranath Tagore
  28. Paintings of Nandalal Bose

II. Music and Dance in India

  1. Classification of Music in India
  2. Classical Music
  3. Hindustani Music
  4. Carnatic Music
  5. Classification of Dance Forms in India
  6. Classical Dance
  7. Bharatanatyam
  8. Kathak
  9. Manipuri
  10. Folk Dances

III. Architecture in India

A. Ancient Architecture

  1. Indus Valley Civilization 
  2. Rock Cut Temples 
  3. Stupas and Chaityas 

B. Medieval Architecture

  1. Hindu Temples 
  2. Islamic Architecture 
  3. European Architecture 

C. Modern Architecture

  1. Infosys Campus in Bangalore
  2. Kanchanjunga Apartments in Mumbai
IV. Temple Architecture in India
  1. Nagara Style
  2. Dravida Style
  3. Vesara Style
  4. Panchayatan Style
V. Sculpture in India
  1. Gandhara School
  2. Laddakh School
  3. Mathura School
  4. Amravati School 

VI. School of Philosophy

VII. Literature in India

VIII Arts of the Indus Valley

  1. Sculpture
  2. Seal 
  3. Pottery

IX. Arts of the Mauryan Period

  1. Stupa
  2. Rock Cut Architecture

X. Post-Mauryan Trends in Indian Art and Architecture

  1. Stupas and Rock-Cut Architecture 
  2. Sculpture and Terracotta Art 
  3. Painting and Miniature Art

Short Notes