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JPSC Question Paper 2016 Solved Paper (English)

Table of Contents


#1. The biggest Harappan site in India is:-

#2. The Rigvedic trible assembly associated with judicial function ?

#3. The Chinese Pilgrim who visited India in the early 6th century was ?

#4. "Yamaka" belongs to the Buddhist "Pitaka" ?

#5. The Chalukyan ruler Pulakesin's victory over Harsha was in the year ?

#6. The earliest reference of the use of magnetic compass in the India seas was by :-

#7. The first true arch in sultanate memorial could be seen in ?

#8. The most orthodox Sufi order was

#9. The pure silver "rupiya" was issued by

#10. Match the following texts with their authors and select the correct option :

#11. The princely state of Baghat was annexed to the British in

#12. Who among the following participated in the Salt Satyagraha of Gandhi ?

#13. The "Pakistan Resolution" was drafted by

#14. The British Monarch at the time of Indian Independence was

#15. Mountbatten Plan (June 1947) provided for a referendum in which of the following province(s) ?

#16. Which of the following pair is not correctly matched ?

#17. Name the place in India where bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and Indian Ocean meet.

#18. Where does India rank in area among the countries of the world ?

#19. Consider the following relief features :

#20. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched ?

#21. Average annual rainfall range in Jharkhand is :-

#22. Which one of the following pair is not correctly matched ?

#23. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched ?

#24. The correct sequence of population density from high to low in the following States of India as per 2011 census is

#25. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list:

#26. Which Constitutional Amendment bifurcated the Combined National Commission for Scheduled Tribes into two separate bodies ?

#27. How many Parts, Articles and Schedules was there in the original Indian Constitution ?

#28. In which Amendment was the evil of defections from the political parties in India enacted ?

#29. Under which Articles of the Constitution of India, Taxes are levied and collected by the centre but distributed between the centre and the States ?

#30. Which of the following is not a feature of good governance ?

#31. Who rejected the ' Principles of Administration as myths and proverbs' ?

#32. "The State is everywhere : it leaves hardly." The statement explains the concept of :

#33. In which Report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission barriers of Good Governance in India have been identified ?

#34. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution is the District Planning Committee constituted ?

#35. Match the following:

#36. The recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission for increase the share of net proceeds of union taxes between Centre to states has been fixed at :

#37. National Green Tribunal (NGT) was established by the Government of India in:

#38. Which of the following is not true for India to combat the adverse impact of Climate Change ?

#39. Match List - I with List -II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :

#40. Match List - I and select the correct answer :

#41. The methodology followed for poverty estimation by using 61st NSSO data in 2004-05 is

#42. Which of the following is not true for National Food Security Act ?

#43. National Manufacturing Policy was introduced by the Government of India in

#44. The policy for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was introduced in the country for the first time in :

#45. Which of the following is not an vision of 12th Five Year Plan

#46. Ribozymes are

#47. The foul smell of dead fish is due to the compound

#48. Non-stick frying pans are coated with

#49. Poisonous mustard gas is a

#50. The chemical used in manufacturing of dynamite of is

#51. What percentage of alcohol in human blood causes death ?

#52. The term Information technology can be defined as

#53. How many bits are there in a kilobyte ?

#54. Which of the following is not an output device ?

#55. The Golden Rice contains B -carotene gene which comes from

#56. Panch Dhara Yojana is related to

#57. White Bud disease in plant is caused by deficiency of

#58. White colour of milk is due to

#59. The web portal DACNET is related to

#60. What was the Santhal Pargana region called in ancient times ?

#61. Safa - Hor movement is associated with which tribal community ?

#62. Who among the following is a primitive tribe ?

#63. 'Andi' and 'oportipi' forms of marriage is marriage is related to which tribe ?

#64. Which of the following temples was built by the ruler Pooranmal ?

#65. Mahuadanr sanctuary is located in which district of Jharkhand ?

#66. Mahuadanr sanctuary is located in which district of Jharkhand ?

#67. 'Anjan Dham' is located in which district of Jharkhand ?

#68. Jharkhand's resident Deepsen Gupta is association with which sport ?

#69. Which litterateur has published the khortha Compilation namely 'Meghdoot' ?

#70. 'Rijgarh' in Munda tradition is related to which place ?

#71. What is Friendship - 2016 ?

#72. Where was the 14th ASEAN -India Summit organised ?

#73. What is the name of the world's first private flight plan to go on moon ?

#74. Afghanistan's First Lady Governor is :-

#75. The country Tuvalu participated with how many members in the Rio Olympics ?

#76. Where was the World Economic Forum Meet -2016, organized

#77. World's first country to have cashless economy :-

#78. Who was the youngest Athlete at the Rio Olympics ?

#79. According to the Rural Cleanliness Survey ,which state is at the top of ladder as far as cleanliness is concerned ?

#80. 'Gatiman Express', the fastest India train on 4th April, 2016 ran from :-

#81. What was India's rank at the Rio Para -Olympics ?

#82. What was the name of the legendry Ranthambore Tigress that died recently ?

#83. India's first armed nuclear submarine is :-

#84. Project LOON is related to:-

#85. 'Stand-up India' Scheme's purpose is :-

#86. The first prize of the National Human Rights Commission awarded recently to which movie ?

#87. Eradication of all types of social discrimination comes under which generation of Human Rights ?

#88. Cartajena protocol is related to :-

#89. Where is the headquarter of the United National Environment Programme (UNEP) ?

#90. Deepika Pallikal is related to which sport ?

#91. Velodrome is related to which sport ?

#92. 'Sanghmitra Kalita ' has been honoured with award recently ?

#93. 'Navnathan Pillai' has been honoured with which award ?

#94. Where is the National Center for Disaster Management (NCDM) ?

#95. When did the Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) ?

#96. Disguised unemployment means :-

#97. Disguised unemployment means :-

#98. 'Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY)' that was started in 2011 has been granted extension till :-

#99. Unital Nations Organisation (U.N.O) is celebrating 2016 as the :-

#100. Who is 195th member of UNESCO ?


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