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MPSC 2017 Solved Question Paper

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#1. Match the following Mahajanapadas with their modem names

#2. Match the following explorers of Sindhu civilization with cities discovered by them :

#3. Which of the following soft stones was used to make the seals in Sindhu civilization ?

#4. Match the Mahajanapadas and their kings :

#5. Which of the following Buddhist texts refer to the sixteen Mahajanapadas ?

#6. State who amongst the following were the poets of the Sangama literature.

#7. Identify the person from the description given below.

#8. Identify the person from the following description.

#9. _____of Mithila was a Bengali poet who enjoyed the patronage of a Hindu ruler as well as of the Sultans of Bengal.

#10. Which of the following statements about Civil Disobedience Movement is/are not true?

#11. Almost all the leading personalities of the country except_____ joined the Congress.

#12. Which of the following islare included in the resolutions passed by the Indian National Congress in its first session ?

#13. Match the following :

#14. Gadge Maharaj used ______ , a traditional medium of mass communication for propagating against some of the evil social customs.

#15. Who is the person described in the following sentences ?

#16. Match the following :

#17. Which of the following statements is correct about the interior of the Earth ?

#18. Match the following :

#19. Match the four local winds marked as 1,2,3,4 in the following map :

#20. The point of origin of an earthquake is known as

#21. Bora winds blow in _____ region.

#22. The process of conversion of water vapour into ice is known as

#23. Match the following :

#24. Match the following:

#25. Match the following:

#26. Match the following:

#27. Which of the following characteristics is/are not applicable to CBD?

#28. Identify the correct sequence of the seas on the basis of increasing salinity.

#29. Consider the following statements: a. La Nino is a little girl, b. During the time of La Nino cold water in the ocean rises to the surface, c. La Nino strengthens the Indian monsoon, d. During the time of El Nino, trade winds weaken and warm water moves east in the ocean; Which of the above statements is/are correct ?

#30. In the given diagram, the shaded area shows according to Trewartha. Identify the region.

#31. Match the following:

#32. As per the Recycled Plastic Manufacture and Usage Rule 1991, what should be thickness of carry bags?

#33. Which of the following States of India is on the way to becoming the first carbon free State?

#34. Which of the following mountains are considered as one of the top biodiversity hot spots?

#35. Ozone hole was detected in which of the following years?

#36. The strategy of planning adopted in India in the earlier period had which of the following three aspects?

#37. The Annual Plan described as 'Plan Holiday' were implemented during

#38. The household is vulnerable to become multi-dimensionally poor if the Household Deprivation Index score is a. greater than 20% but less than 33.3%, b. greater than 33.3% but less than 50%, c. greater than 25% but less than 50%

#39. LPG stands for

#40. The Twelfth Five Year Plan emphasises the following dimensions of inclusiveness: a. Inclusiveness as poverty reduction, b. Inclusion as group equality, c. Inclusiveness as regional balance, d. Focus on income inequality

#41. The Report of the Expert Group to review the methodology for estimation of poverty (2009) was submitted by

#42. The demographic dividend occurs due to a. falling birth rate and consequent shift in the age structure, b. falling birth rate and changes in the age structure towards the adult working ages, c. falling death rate.

#43. The theme of the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007 - 12) was

#44. The National Population Policy, 2000 aimed to a. Reduce maternal mortality rate below 100 per 1 lakh live births and infant mortality to below 30 per one thousand live births, b. Prevent and control communicable diseases, c. Reduce maternal mortality rate below 130 per 1 lakh live births and infant mortality to below 35 per one lakh live births

#45. Which scheme was introduced by the Government for financial inclusion in 2014?

#46. The objectives of Jawaharlal Nehm National Urban Renewal Mission II include: a. Improve service delivery standards, b. Empowering urban local bodies, c. Slow down the rate of urbanization to the manageable level, d. Reduce urban poverty

#47. Urbanisation has not helped in economic development due to which of the following factors?

#48. Tenancy reforms include the following measures: a. Regulation of tenancy rent, b. Security of tenure, c. Conferment of ownership rights on tenants, d. Ceiling on maximum size of cultivation holding

#49. DBT is the abbreviation of

#50. In which year was the 'Green Climate Fund' established?

#51. In the magnetic meridian of a certain place, the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field is 0.26 units and the angle of dip is 60'. What is the magnetic field of the Earth at this location ?

#52. An elevator carrying ,a maximum load of 1800 kg (elevator + passengers) is moving up with a constant speed of 2 ms-1. The frictional force opposing the motion is 4000 N. Determine the minimum power delivered by the motor to the elevator. (Take g = 10 m/s2)

#53. What is the focal length of a double convex lens for which the radius of curvature of each surface is 50 cm and the refractive index of glass is 1.50?

#54. A new unit of length is chosen such that the speed of light in vacuum is unity. What is the distance between the Sun and the Earth in terms of the new unit, if light takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to cover this distance?

#55. A sound wave having certain frequency travels with a speed of 336 m/s and wavelength 3 cm. What will its frequency be? Will it be audible?

#56. If two resistors are connected in series, the total resistance is 45 R and if the same resistors are connected in parallel, the total resistance becomes 10 R. Find the value of the individual resistors.

#57. Sources of vitamin B-12 are

#58. The one gene-one enzyme hypothesis suggesting that one gene controls the synthesis of one enzyme was proposed by

#59. Which description is correct for Lichens?

#60. Which of the following plant hormones controls fruits ripening? a. Zeatin, b. Auxins, c. Gibberellic acid, d. Ethylene

#61. Which is the correct group from the taxonomic point of view?

#62. Which of the following is/are not a nitrogenous excretory waste? a. Ammonia, b. Creatine, c. Urea, d. Creatinine

#63. The testes normally descend into the scrotum by about

#64. Which of the following are branches of applied biology? a. Microbiology, b. Agriculture, c. Pharmacy, d. Medical Science

#65. Faraday's Laws of electrolysis are concerned with

#66. If nuclides have different atomic numbers and different atomic masses.but the same number of neutrons, then they are known as

#67. A unit of Van der Waals constant (a) is

#68. The prefut for the multiple 10 to the power 18 is

#69. The pH at which the charge on protein colloid is reversed is called

#70. Nz + 3Hz + 2NH3 + Heat; The Le Chatelier's principle suggests that are required to drive the reaction to the right and thus form NH3.

#71. Match the pairs :

#72. Consider the statements regayding the proclamation of Emergency under Article 352: a. It automatically comes to an end on the expiry of one month from its issue, unless it is approved by a resolution of the Lok Sabha before the expiry of that period, b. The President is empowered to proclaim Emergency only if the Council of Ministers recommends to him in writing that such a proclamation should be issued.

#73. Which one of the following statements about 'Judicial Review' is not correct?

#74. The reference to National Capital Territory of Delhi is found in

#75. Consider the following statements about the 108th Constitutional Amendment Bill: a. It related to reservation of one-third seats in Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies for women, b. Rajya Sabha passed the Bill on 9th March, 2010, c. Lok Sabha never voted on the Bill, d. It was lapsed after the dissolution of the 15th Lok Sabha. Which of the statements given above are correct?

#76. Which one of the following duties have been prescribed for the citizens? a. To organize village panchayats, b. To minimize inequalities in income, c. To defend the country, d. To render military service, e. To secure uniform civil code, f. To vote in public elections

#77. Consider the following statements: a. If a person is elected to both the Houses of Parliament, he must intimate within 10 days in which House he desires to serve, otherwise both seats become vacant, b. If a person is elected to two seats in a House he should exercise his option for one, otherwise both seats become vacant, c. If a sitting member of one House is also elected to the other House, his seat in the fist House becomes vacant; Which of the above statements is/are not correct?

#78. The Chairman of National Human Rights Commission is appointed by the President on the recommendation of a committee of certain persons. Who among the following is/are not part of that committee? a. The Prime Minister, b. The Home Minister, c. Leader of the Opposition party in the Lok Sabha, d. Leader of the Opposition party in the Rajya Sabha, e. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, f. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

#79. Consider the following statements: a. According to Article 262 of the Indian Constitution, the Parliament may by law provide for the adjudication of interstate river water dispute., b. Article 262 empowers the President of India to set'up an interstate river water dispute tribunal; Select the incorrect statements.

#80. Which of the following statements is correct?

#81. Which of the following statements about Zonal Councils are not correct? a. The Zonal Councils are the constitutional bodies, b. They are established by the States Reorganisation Act of 1956, c. Home Minister of the Central Government is the Chairman of Zonal Councils, d. India is divided into seven zones and provided a Zonal Council for each zone

#82. Which of the following are not the voluntary provisions of the 73rd Amendment Act on Panchayati Raj? a. Direct elections to all seats in Panchayats at the village, intermediate and district level, b. Granting financial powers to the Panchayats that is authorising them to levy, collect and appropriate taxes, duties, tolls and fees, c. 21 years to be the minimum age for contesting elections to panchayats, d. Giving representation to Members of the Parliament and the State Legislature in the Panchayats at different levels falling within their constituencies

#83. Which of the following statements about International Court of Justice is correct?

#84. Which of the following statements is correct about the medal tally at the 17th Asiad Games? a. Host country Japan secured second position, b. South Korea topped the medal tally, c. India secured fifth position with total 59 medals

#85. Match the pairs:

#86. Consider the following statements about the 'Commonwealth'; a. Officially formed in 1931, b. It has no Constitution or Charter, c. The newest member country is Rwanda, d. The most recent departure country was the Maldives

#87. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

#88. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

#89. Distance-wise, which is the longest train in India?

#90. Which one of the following pairs is mismatched?

#91. In which State of 1ndia;is the 'Sarhool festival' celebrated?

#92. Match the pairs:

#93. Arrange the biggest countries (in area) in ascending order: a. Brazil, b. India, c. China, d. Argentina, e. Russia

#94. Name the place described below: a. It is an old capital of Tanzania, b. It is the main city of business, c. It is the main centre of transport, d. It is also a natural port

#95. Match the pairs about Armed Forces Exercises during 2016:

#96. Which institution recommended an 'Islamic Window' in Conventional Banks?

#97. The eminent journalist Dilip Padgaonkar passed away recently. He headed the committee appointed by the Central Government in 2010. What was the purpose of that committee?

#98. GSAT-7, the first Navy user satellite was launched on

#99. Who is the author of the famous book 'One Life is Not Enough'?

#100. Saina Nehwal has been awarded the following in 2016:


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