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Licchavi Lyceum

Nagara Style Temple

Nagara Style Temple architecture does not have elaborate boundary walls or gateways.

There are many subdivisions of Nagara temples depending on the shape of the shikhar. This architecture followed the Panchayatan style.

Latina (Nagara Order): The most common name for the simple shikhara which is square at the base and whose walls curve or slope inward to a point on top is called the ‘latina’ or the rekha-prasada type of shikara.

Phamsana (Nagara Order): The second major type of architectural form in the nagara order is the phamsana. Phamsana buildings tend to be broader and shorter than Latina ones. Their roofs are composed of several slabs that gently rise to a single point over the centre of the building, unlike the Latina ones which look like sharply rising tall towers.

Phamsana roofs do not curve inward; instead they slope upwards on a straight incline. In many North Indian temples the phamsana design is used for the mandapas while the main garbhagriha is housed in a Latina building. Later on,

Valabhi Type (Nagara Order): The third main sub-type of the nagara building is what is generally called the Valabhi type. These are rectangular buildings with a roof that rises into a vaulted chamber.

The edge of this vaulted chamber is rounded, like the bamboo or wooden wagons that would have been drawn by bullocks in ancient times.