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#1. Which of the following statements about the election rules in India is correct?

In order to contest the election of Loksabha or Rajya Sabha, the candidate must be registered as an elector for any parliamentary constituency.

The provision for the reservation of seats for SC/ST is not applicable in Rajya Sabha.

#2. With reference to the minimum age to contest the election in India, choose the incorrect statement?

The minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha or Assembly election is twenty-Five Years.

#3. Who can prorogue the House of the Parliament?

Prorogation means the termination of a session of the House by an order made by the President. President can prorogue the House while in session.

How does Prorogation affect the Pending Bill and Notices?

All pending notices lapses but the notices for the introduction of the bill do not lapse after the declaration of the Prorogation.


#4. Consider the following statements regarding President’s Rule under Article 356 of the Constitution:

1. There is no maximum period prescribed for its operation.

2. When it is imposed, the President can assume to himself any of the powers vested in the Governor.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Ans: (b)


S1: If the proclamation to impose the President rule is approved by both the Houses of Parliament, the President’s Rule continues for six months. It can be extended for a maximum period of three years with the approval of the Parliament, every six months. Hence statement 1 is not correct.

S2: President may by Proclamation assume to himself all or any of the functions of the Government of the State and all or any of the powers vested in or exercisable by the Governor or anybody or authority in the State other than the Legislature of the State, hence statement 2 is correct.

#5. The Second Schedule of the Constitution contains the administrative provisions pertaining to:

1. Comptroller and Auditor General

2. Judges of High Courts

3. Members of Parliament

4. Members of Union Public Service Commission

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Ans: (A)

Solution: Second Schedule contains the provisions relating to the emoluments, allowances, privileges etc. of the following:

  1. The President of India
  2. The Governors of States The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  3. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
  4. The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in the states
  5. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council in the states
  6. The Judges of the Supreme Court
  7. The Judges of the High Courts
  8. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Note: The provisions in the Second Schedule can be amended by a simple majority of the two Houses of Parliament outside the scope of Article 368.

#6. Consider the following statements regarding the Parliamentary form of government:

1. The ministers operate on the principle of secrecy of procedure.

2. The ministers are members of both the legislature and the executive.

3. The Prime Minister is the leader of the council of ministers.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Ans: (d)


S1: The ministers operate on the principle of secrecy of procedure and cannot divulge
information about their proceedings, policies, and decisions. Hence, S1 is correct.

S2: Correct, the ministers are members of both the legislature and the executive. This
means that a person cannot be a minister without being a member of Parliament.

S3: Correct, the Prime Minister plays a leadership role in this system of government. He is the leader of the council of ministers, the leader of the Parliament, and the leader of the party in power.

#7. Select the correct statement with respect to functioning of the Parliament of India -

The Chairman of Rajya Sabha and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha can not vote in the first instance. However, he can cast a vote in the case of an equality of votes.

#8. What is the number of judges in the Collegium recommending the names of judges for the appointment to the Supreme Court?

The collegium system in India is followed for the appointment to the Supreme Court and High Court.

#9. Choose the correct statement

#10. Which is the most mentioned river in the Rig Veda?

Ans: (B)

Solution: The most prominent river in the Rig Veda is Saraswati. The Rig Veda mentions the Saraswati river as between the Yamuna to the East and river Sutlej to the west.

#11. test q2

#12. The mid-day Sun will NEVER be exactly overhead on which of the following locations?

1. Any latitude in Polar Regions

2. Any latitude where equatorial vegetation is found

3. Any longitude that touches poles

4. Any longitude that passes through Scandinavian countries

Select the correct answer using the codes below.

Ans: (d)

Solution: The mid-day sun is exactly overhead at least once a year on all latitudes in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This area, therefore, receives the maximum heat and is called the Torrid Zone.

The mid-day sun never shines overhead on any latitude beyond the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The angle of the sun’s rays goes on decreasing towards the poles.

Equatorial vegetation can be found near equator, where Sun’s rays are generally overhead.

Every longitude starts from a pole and meets the other pole. It is latitude that matters in distribution of solar insolation, not the longitude.

#13. Test Q1

#14. In ballpoint pens, dyes used are:

The dyes used in blue and black ballpoint pens are basic dyes based on triarylmethane and acid dyes derived from diazo compounds or phthalocyanine.

#15. The A Constitution Amendment Bill affecting federal feature of India must be passed by at least half of all state assemblies in India by

Ans: (c) 

Solution: Amendments that seek to change federal provisions of the Constitution will be first passed in the two houses of the parliament separately by absolute and special majority.

They afterwards also need to be ratified by legislatures of at least half of the states by resolutions. Only after this, the bill will be sent for presidential assent, and it becomes
an Act.

#16. With regard to pollution and climate change, why environment regulators are targeting Diesel cars more than Petrol cars?

1. Diesel cars have higher emissions of NOx and particulate matter than petrol cars.

2. High sulphur content emitted by Diesel cars lead to acid rain.

Select the correct answer using the codes below.

Ans: (c)

Solution: Diesel has higher sulphur content than Petrol. Emissions from diesel vehicles, especially particulate matter and black carbon, are the major reasons for air pollution
as well.

Sulphates, like sulphur dioxide, released in the atmosphere may lead to acid rain.

Petrol exhaust produces carbon monoxide (CO) and some nitrous oxides (NOx) during combustion.

#17. Which of the following clearly shows the importance of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere?

1. It is essential for the growth of plants.

2. It is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere after nitrogen and oxygen.

3. It absorbs the heat directly incoming from the Sun thus warming the planet.

4. Ocean absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to form carbonate rocks.

Select the correct answer using the codes below.

Ans: (A)

Solution: S1: Correct, Green plants use CO2 gas to prepare their food through photosynthesis.

S2: Incorrect, Argon is the next abundant gas.

S3: Incorrect, Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not absorb the incoming visible radiations coming from the sun blocks the out going infrared radiations radiated by earth.

By absorbing infrared radiations, the atmosphere gets heated. This is known as Green house Effect. The heated atmosphere keeps the earthworm. Thus carbon dioxide helps in keeping the earth warmer by blocking the infrared radiations.

S4: When carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by seawater, chemical reactions occur that reduce seawater pH, carbonate ion concentration, and saturation states of biologically important calcium carbonate minerals. It is called “ocean acidification“. Calcium carbonate minerals are the building blocks for the skeletons and shells of many marine organisms.

#18. Which of the following forest types covers the largest area in India?

Ans: (A)

Solution: In India, the largest share of forest constitute Tropical moist deciduous and it is followed by tropical dry deciduous.

#19. In India, rocks of which of the following regions was formed the earliest?

Ans: (d)

Solution: Khasi hills: one of youngest, belong to Tertiary period (to which a large area in North-east also belongs).

Shiwaliks are part of Himalayas, so this is also example of young fold mountain.

Alluvium which is found in the Indo-Gangetic plain belongs to the Quaternary period. It was eroded from the Himalayas by the rivers and the monsoons. Since Himalayas were formed after Deccan traps, and are very young, (c) can’t be the answer.

The Deccan plateau in India is one of the oldest plateaus in India made mainly from igneous rocks.


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