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BPSC CDPO Solved Paper 2018

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#1. A noise level of 100 decibel would correspond to

#2. For a body moving with constant speed in a horizontal circle, which of the following remains constant?

#3. The artificial sweetener containing chlorine that has the appearance and taste as that of sugar and remains stable at cooking temperature, is

#4. Which among the following is not an antibiotic?

#5. The incubation period of hepatitis B virus is

#6. During expiration, diaphragm becomes

#7. Which one of the following gases is considered as atmospheric pollutant ?

#8. Which one of the following can be used for biological control of mosquitoes?

#9. Deficiency of vitamin C causes

#10. What does audiometer measure?

#11. The function of haemoglobin is

#12. If the force is expressed in newton and the distance in meter, then the work done is expressed in

#13. Which of the following is not a radioactive element?

#14. A clinical death takes place when

#15. Shortsightedness can be corrected by using

#16. What is condensation?

#17. Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of

#18. Brass is an alloy of

#19. The purest form of iron is

#20. Light-year is related

#21. Which one among the following airports of India became the first airport to start the first helicopter taxi (heli-taxi) service in India?

#22. 'Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme is started in which State?

#23. Who has worn as the new Chief Minister of Tripura?

#24. Which State of India has decided to build Mother India Temple?

#25. Which Union Ministry has launched Stree Swabhiman' initiatve

#26. VVPAT, used in Electronic Voting Machine, stands for

#27. What is the theme of the 8th International Theatre Olympics, 2018?

#28. India's first National Rail and Transportation University is established at

#29. Kandla Port is renamed as

#30. Which High Court has banned the use of the word 'DALIT' in official communication?

#31. The World Future Energy Summit, 2018 was held in

#32. Which country secured the first position in World Happiness Index, 2018?

#33. World's largest underwater cave has been discovered in

#34. The report "Turning Promises into Action Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" is released by the

#35. What is the name of the operation that was launched by the Government of India to provide help to the Rohingya refugees?

#36. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2019 as the International Year of

#37. Which country became the 29th member of NATO in June 2017?

#38. In December 2017, by amending the laws, which country has allowed the marriage between same sex?

#39. Recently UNESCO recognized which place of India as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

#40. What is the number of agreements signed by PM Narendra Modi with French President Macron in March 2018 at Hyderabad House, New Delhi?

#41. Who has been conferred with first 'Mufti M. Sayeed Award for Probity in Public Life, 2018' by Jammu and Kashmir Government?

#42. Which State Government has imposed complete ban on manufacturing and sale purchase of electronic cigarettes across the State? Which State Government has imposed complete ban on manufacturing and sale purchase of electronic cigarettes across the State?

#43. Which one among the following States has launched 'Safe City Surveillance Scheme' for checking crime against women at public place in December 2017?

#44. World's first Gender Literature Festival was held at

#45. Which State has hosted the 6th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) India Regional Conference?

#46. The 32nd Summer Olympic ErGames will be held in

#47. Who became the first Indian para athlete to win the gold at world. Para athletics championship ?

#48. The famous book, Indira : India's Most Powerful Prime Minister is written by

#49. conflicts of Interest: My Journey Through India's Green Movement is written by

#50. "Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women's Lives" was the theme of

#51. Pradyota was the King of

#52. The Huna King Toramana was defeated by the Aulikara King

#53. The Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur was constructed by which king ?

#54. Which the following inscriptions mentions the instance of widow-burning ?

#55. Muhammad Ghori was defeated by the Chaulukyas of Gujarat in

#56. Who was deputed for the conquest of Dvarasamudra by Ala-ud-din Khalji?

#57. The account of the Moroccan traveller Ibn Batuta is known as

#58. The famous Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri forms which entrance to the Jami Masjid?

#59. When was the Prohibition of Sati Act passed in India?

#60. Who is credited with the suppression of Thugs in India?

#61. When was Mahatma Gandhi tried Satyagraha?

#62. In which year was V. D. Savarkar elected the President of the Hindu Mahasabha ?

#63. When did Sir Stafford Cripps arrive in delhi ?

#64. When was the Indian Independence Bill passed by the House of Lords in England?

#65. According to the Mahavamsa, Bimbisara ascended the throne at the age of

#66. Gorathagiri in the Barabar Hills was conquered by

#67. Where was the battle between Sher Shah and Humayun fought on 26 June, 1539?

#68. In which year was Ali Gauhar's Bihar expedition ended?

#69. Who started Kisan Sabha Movement in Bihar in 1929?

#70. In which year was Alivardi appointed the Deputy Governor of Bihar?

#71. On which coast is the St. Petersburg city in Russia located?

#72. In Which of the following is not a wine-producing province of France?

#73. Cold water flowing along Namibian coast is known as

#74. The largest minority community in Iraq is

#75. Grasslands of Brazilian Plateau karijobi are known as

#76. Dryland agriculture in India is practised in areas having annual rainfall less than

#77. Indira Gandhi Canal, irrigating Thar Desert, originates from

#78. Which of the following areas in India does not grow tropical wet evergreen forests?

#79. Indravati-Sabari Rivers Dandakaranya are the tribu taries of

#80. Which the following atmospheric features is asso ciated with the performance of Indian summer monsoon?

#81. Non-scheduled population con centrated in central valley of Manipur is called

#82. The States/Union Territories of India having the highest percentage of SC and ST population in their total popula tion as per 2011 Census are

#83. Jawahar Tunnel is located near

#84. Which of the following physio graphic divisions of Bihar does not share its boundary with Jharkhand?. Which of the following physio graphic divisions of Bihar does not share its boundary with Jharkhand?

#85. What is the rank of Bihar from top among 36 States/Union Territories of India in terms of female literacy rate in 2011?

#86. The nomenclature of 'Diara' lands of Ganga River is related to

#87. Which of the following items is not registered as a Geographical Indication (GI) of Bihar?

#88. The Son River, which joins the Ganga River in Bihar, originates The Son River, which joins the Ganga River in Bihar, originates

#89. Numerically the largest Sched uled Tribe of Bihar is

#90. The 'Organic Corridor' plan of Bihar Government shall promote organic farming along/in

#91. The Constitution of India was adopted by the

#92. The inspiration of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity' was derived from

#93. Which of the following describes India as a Secular State?

#94. The Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under the

#95. Which Article of the Indian Constitution prescribes Hindi in Devanagari script as the official language of the Union?

#96. The proclamation of emergency at the first instance can be restricted to

#97. The Chief Minister of Union Territory, where such a setup exists, is appointed by the

#98. The Parliament's expenditure is controlled by the

#99. The concept of Public Interest, Litigation originated in

#100. In case of illegal detention of a A person, which of the following writs is applicable?

#101. The provision of amending the constitutional provision is given in

#102. The Supreme Commander of India's Defence Forces is the

#103. Which of the following exchange rate systems is followed in India?

#104. Which of the following investors /agencies can purchase India Government securities ? I.The Revers Bank of India II.Individuals III. Financial Institutions Select the correct answer using the code given below.

#105. How many times the Reserve Bank of India reviews the Monetary Policy in a financial year?

#106. The Reserve Bank of India is using which of the following inflation indices as anchor for Inflation Targeting"?

#107. As per the new methodology, the lending rate is calculated by the banks based on

#108. The amount of money supply in the economy affects which of the following macroeconomic variables

#109. The visit of foreigners in India to see the various places or events in the country amounts to which of the following in terms of economy?

#110. The grants-in-aid given by the Central Government to the State Government and local bodies for creation of capital assets are classified in the Union Budget under

#111. The money occurring from the sale of National savings certificates goes to which account of the government of India??

#112. Fiscal deficit of the Government of India is equal to which of the following?

#113. What does 'Revenue Neutral Tax Rate' mean in reference to 'Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

#114. In India, the agricultural crop year' period is

#115. What is the rank of Bihar State (as per 2011 Census) in terms of population in the country?

#116. Which district of Bihar has the highest literacy rate?

#117. Which of the following global companies bagged the contract for setting up of locomotive factories in Bihar?

#118. Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog has been set up in

#119. Sudha Cooperative was founded by IAS officer

#120. Litchi production in Bihar is

#121. What was the name of the first book of Raja Ram Mohan Roy published in 1815?

#122. Taiyuni Movement began in opposition of the Faraizi Movement at Dhaka in 1893 was started by

#123. Who was the most bitter critic of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

#124. To sort out whose legal problem was Mahatma Gandhi invited in South Africa in 1893?

#125. In which year was the Indian Universities Act passed by Lord Curzon?

#126. Who had translated the Bengali play, Nil Darpan into English?

#127. Who said, "A single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia"?

#128. In which year was the Punjab Hindu Sabha founded?

#129. Eka Movement' was launched in the rural areas of which region?

#130. Khudai Khidmatgar' founded by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was also known as

#131. Begar or illegal cess demanded by the landlords from the peasants was also known as

#132. "Remember once again, now that this flag is unfurled, it must not be lowered as long as a single Indian, man, woman, or child lives in India." Who said this?

#133. Who said, "Wherever I am, there is Jagdishpur"?

#134. Birsa Munda was considered by his followers as the incarnation of

#135. In which place organization named 'Golden League' formed to work for boycott and the Swadeshi Movement?

#136. Which was the first English newspaper published from Patna?

#137. Who formed the Ravidas Sabha in Bihar in 1928?

#138. Which compensation tax the indigo farmers were required to pay, if they desired exemption from indigo cultivation?

#139. Where was the first Zila School opened in 1835?

#140. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who was the first President of India, earlier held the position of

#141. Which one of the following places was famous as capital of Tipu Sultan?

#142. Who is the executive head of the State Government?

#143. Currency notes of 2 denomination and above are liabilities of the

#144. The formation of 'mushroom rock' in desert region is an example of

#145. Which of the following features is the product of vulcanicity?

#146. One astronomical unit is the average distance between

#147. Name the scientist who stated that the matter can be converted into energy

#148. The device which converts chemical energy of fuels directly into electrical energy is

#149. Which one among the following glands is present in pair in human body?

#150. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?



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