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MPPSC Prelims 2020 Solved Paper

Examination Pattern of MPPSC 2020

MPPSC Preliminary exam 2020 which was conducted on 25th July 2021 is different than previous years’ exam because of two reasons firstly syllabus has been completely changed by the MPPSC and this was the first exam after the change of syllabus.

Secondly, the patterns of questions have also changed. The nature of questions has changed from earlier to more towards the applied concepts. You can check out the new syllabus from the MPPSC Syllabus link.

How to improve score in MPPSC Prelims Exam

The best way to improve your exam preparation is by solving the MPPSC old papers. You will be able to determine topic-wise MPPSC prelims questions by solving the papers and preparing accordingly. You can directly download from here MPPSC preliminary 2020 Question Paper PDF.


MPPSC Pre Previous Year Question Papers with answers PDF

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