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CGPSC 2015 Solved Question Paper

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#1. With which of the following the Nava Anjora Programme is related to ?

#2. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

#3. In which of the following groups of rivers of Chhattisgarh, sequence of rivers in descending order of length is correct ?

#4. Montreal protocol is related with

#5. What was the title of the declaration letter of Rio - 20 ?

#6. Who was main Leader of Gattasilli satyagrah in Chhattisgarh ?

#7. Match List - 1 with List - 2:

List- 1
(Events of C.G. during Quit India Movement)
List- 2
(Related Person)
(A) Raipur Conspiracy Case (1) Iswari Charan Shukla
(B) Raipur Dynamite Case (2) Raghunandan Singral
(C) Fire in Durg District Court (3) Ranvir Singh Shastri
(D) Student’s procession in Raipur (4)Parasram Soni

#8. In which of the following year Chhattisgarh become a Division of the Central Province ?

#9. Revolts at the following places occurred during the Maratha rule in Chhattisgarh

1) Dhamdha
2) Bargarh
3) Kawardha
4) Tarapur

Choose the correct answer.

#10. Which of the following is correct order of the Himalayan ranges from south to north in the Western section ?

#11. "Hockey World League Final 2015" was played in Raipur of Chhattisgarh. How many countries teams including India participated in it ?

#12. How many times Chhattisgarh received Krishi Karman Award for best performance in production and productivity of paddy ?

#13. Bhairamgarh Sanctuary is in which District ?

#14. Which dancer of Chhattisgarh got the first position in Kuchipudi dance in 20th National Youth Fest ?

#15. Which District has the least interstate boundary in the State ?

#16. Match the following List-I (name of Sanctuaries) with the List - II (district) :

(1) Semarsot (A) Raigarh
(2) Badalkhol (B) Dhamtari
(3) Gomarda (C) Balrampur
(4) Sita Nadi (D)Jashpur
Choose the corectly matched group of districs out of the following :

#17. The Kondagaon is situated on the bank of which river ?

#18. The hills of Ramgiri are part of these mountain series

#19. Judicial review in the Indian Constitution is based on

#20. Article 370 of Indian Constitution is

#21. What is not correct about Gram Sabha ?

i. 1/10 Quorum is essential in the meeting of Gram Sabha

ii. The presence of 1/3 women is essential in the meeting of Gram Sabha

iii. Sarpanch and Panch are responsible for Quorum

iv. The meeting of Gram Sabha can be adjourned in the absence of Quorum

v. Quorum is essential in adjourned meeting

vi. Budget can be passed in the adjourned meeting where Quorum is not present

vii. Audit report can be passed in the adjourned meeting where Quorum is not present

viii. Sarpanch can be dismissed is Quorum is not present in five subsequent meetings of Gram Sabha

#22. What is not correct about Gram Panchayat ?

i. The maximum strength is 20 panchs in a Gram Pnchayat

ii. If 15 panchs are elected in Gram Panchayat, then 5 panchs are nominated

iii. The President of Janpad Panchayat nominates 5 panchs

iv. The strength may be 10 panchs in a Gram Panchayat

v. If equal votes are found in the election of panch it is decided by lott

vi. Nominated members can participate in the meeting and vote

#23. Who presides over the meeting of Gram Sabha in Schedule Areas ?

#24. In the last Panchayat Election State Election Commission had decided the colour of ballot paper, match it.:

i. Panch A. Blue
ii. Sarpanch B. Pink
iii. Member of Janpad Panchayat C. White
iv. Member of Zila Panchayat D. Yellow

#25. Under which Article of the Constitution can the Governor refer any bill for the approval of the President ?

#26. Which of the following National Waterways connects Kottapuram with Kollam ?

#27. Which of the following is not correct pair of waterfall amd area of its location ?

#28. In which of the following groups, the sequence of the districts in descending order of sex ratio as per 2011 Census is correct ?

#29. Match the following List - I with the List - II.:

List- 1
List- 2
(% of urban population)
1. Durg A. 18.65
2. Dhamtari B. 59.08
3. Rajnandgaon C. 64.15
4. Raipur D. 17.73
Choose the correctly matched group out of the following :

#30. Out of the following group of districts of Chhattisgarh, districts of which group do not touch the boundaries of other states ?

#31. What is the percentage of small and marginal farmers in Chhattisgarh State as per Agricultural Census 2010-11 ?

#32. What is the growth rare of agriculture and animal husbandry of C.G. in the year 2014-15 at constant prices under quick estimate ?

#33. In which place of Chhattisgarh State, Kisan Shopping Mall is established ?

#34. In which Five Year Plan "National Horticulture Mission" was started in C.G. State ?

#35. By which of the following according to Advait Vedant, Mukti can be obtained ?

#36. Economic Survey of India is related to

#37. As per RBI monetary policy review on 29th September 2015, the bank rate was

#38. If potential difference and current flowing through a wire is increased twice each then electric power

#39. Which type of image of an object is formed by eye lense on retina ?

#40. Which of the following is used by dentist to see the image of teeth of a patient ?

#41. Singhanpur of Raigarh District is famous for

#42. In India per capita net national income (at factor cost) at current prices in the year 2013-14 was

#43. Who was the Chairman of 14th Finance Commission ?

#44. The most appropriate measure of a country's economic growth is

#45. The share of income tax in Gross Domestic Product in the year 2013-14 was

#46. Chemically vermillion is

#47. Which of the following do not react with water at all ?

#48. 'Joule' is related to energy in the same way as 'Pascal' is related to

#49. What was the contribution of forest in C.G. State Gross Domestic Product in the year 2014-15 at 2011-12 constant prices ?

#50. What is the percentage of land in irrigated land from reservoirs/canals in C.G. for the year 2013-14 ?

#51. What is the meaning of Chhattisgarhi idioms "Kariya Achchar, Bhains Barabar" ?

#52. Who is the famous Artist of "Kabir Gayan" in Chhattisgarh ?

#53. "Pandawani" gayan is based on which granth ?

#54. Where is the birth place of "Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya" ?

#55. Raja Chakradhar Singh is famous for development of which dance ?

#56. Who are main characters of folk lyric "Chandaini" ?

#57. Where is the "Dhankul Song" sung ?

#58. Who sings the "Bans Geet" ?

#59. Who celebrate the "Matar" festival ?

#60. What is the meaning of Chhattisgarhi riddle -
Kari gay, Kalinder khay I
Duhte jay, Panhate jay II ?

#61. Which of the following is unitary element in Indian Federal System ?

i) Decentralisation of Powers

ii) Appointment of Governors

iii) Unequal representation in Rajya Sabha

iv) Judicial Review

v) All India Services

vi) Bicameral Legislature

#62. On which matter, it is not essential to take advise from council of ministers for President ?

#63. Which of the following President has exercised a power which is called 'Pocket veto' in constitutional terminology ?

#64. After resigning a Minister needs the permission of whom, to give a personal statement in Loksabha about his resignation in India ?

#65. Which book is written by Gopal Kavi of Ratanpur (Chhattisgarh) ?

#66. In the State Secretariate through which of the following every files have to be sent to the Cabinet ?

#67. In which State of India Paragliding World Cup 2015 was held ?

#68. In which State of India the 7th South Asian Ragbi Championship will hosted in the year 2016 ?

#69. Which Indian female pistol shooter has woned the 8th Asian Airgun Championship ?

#70. Which country has made Corporate Social Responsibility Act first ?

#71. Which of the following phenomenon happens in India when the sunshines vertically over the Tropic of capricorn ?

#72. Which one of the following is the largest linguistic group of India ?

#73. Which one of the following states is the largest-producer of petroleum in 2013-14 ?

#74. Which of the following renewable power resources has highest installed capacity in the country in 2014 ?

#75. At present, which country of the following is the largest partner of India in total international trade ?

#76. Which one of the following is not the part of "Ashtanga-yoga" ?

#77. "Samadhi Maran" is related to which Philosophy ?

#78. The famous book "Foundation of Indian Culture" is authorised by

#79. Kailash temple of Ellora was constituted by

#80. Where the word 'Stupa' has been used for the first time ?

#81. In which year was the first cloth mill established in Bombay ?

#82. In which ground of Bombay the proposal was passed for 'Quit India' Movement ?

#83. In which year Jatra Oraon started Tana Bhagat Movement ?

#84. Who was the first ruler of Ratanpur Kalturi Branch in Raipur ?

#85. On 21st January 1922 which satyagraha was organised in Sihava-Nagari ?

#86. Which of the following constitude a food-chain ?

#87. The most important indoor air pollutant is

#88. Chernobyl accident is related with

#89. Combustion of petrol in automobiles pollute air by producing following metal

#90. In "Digital India Week" organised at Delhi in July 2015, which State received first position for remarkable work done in the field of Information Technology ?

#91. In which of the following site remnant of three townships have been revealed ?

#92. Who is the author of Shahjahannama ?

#93. Who was the first president of the Muslim League ?

#94. In which of the following place Akbar was enthroned on getting the information of Humayuns death?

#95. Who was the first women president of the Indian National Congress ?

#96. In which place the climate change conference was held in the year 2015 ?

#97. What is the object of Green Highway Policy ?

#98. When the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board was instituted ?

#99. Match the following List - I with the List - II.:

List- 1
(Industrial Development Centre)
List- 2
1. Siltara A. Bilaspur
2. Borai B. Raigarh
3. Sirgitti C. Durg
4. Lara D. Raipur
Choose the correct answer from the following groups :

#100. Match the following List - I with the List - II.:

List- 1
(Irrigation Project)
List- 2
1. Sanjay Gandhi Project A. Pairi
2. Rajiv Gandhi Project B. Mahanadi
3. Dudhawa Project C. Kharang
4. Sikasar Project D. Maniyari
Choose the correct answer from the following :


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