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CGPSC 2017 Solved Question Paper

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#1. By which of the following regulation British East India Company's trade monopoly in India was abolished?

#2. The following were the Officers in the Ashtapradhan' of Shivaji 1) Mazumdar 2) Dabir 3. Waknis 4. Surnis

#3. Which of the following pair (building of Mughal period and place) is not correctly matched ?

#4. Which of the following is not correct pair of crop and its leading producing State ?

#5. Which one of the following river valleys is most important in respect of coal reserves of the Gondwana period?

#6. In the scheme of the physiographic division of India by S. P. Chatterjee in which sub-division of the Peninsular Plateau the Mahanadi Basin is included ?

#7. Which year is known as 'Demographic Divide' in India ?

#8. Why the rights are called Fundamental Rights because i. It is written in the Constitution. i. It is democratic. ii. It is public welfare. v. It is essential for personality development. v. Parliament can't make law against it

#9. Which is unmatched in the context of Constitutional Amendment Procedure? i. Extension of executive powers of Centre and State. ii. Supreme and High Court. ii. Election of President. t v. Qualification of President. v. Condition of the Office of the President. vi. Tenure of President. vi. Distribution of Legislative powers in Centre and State. vii. States representation in Parliament

#10. Which of tho following is the discreotionary powers of President ? .To appoint Prime Minister to the leador of majority party. i. To summon the Parliament. ii. To return a bill to the Parliament with objections. Iv. To appoint the members of Council Bo of Ministers. v. Toassent the bill refered by Govemor. vi. To detain a bill. vi. To ask the Prime Minister for such information related to any matter. vii. To say the Council of Ministers for reconsideration on any advise.

#11. During 2011-12 to 2015-16, the contribution of Service Sector in the growth rate of Indian economy is

#12. What is Current Account Deficit (CAD)?

#13. Which of the following correctly explain that India is underdeveloped economy ? 1. Inequitable distribution of income. 2. High dependency ratio. 3. Slower rate of increase in national income. 4. Change in banking and financial sector. Select the correct answer using the

#14. Which one of the following is main teaching of Gita ?

#15. Which one of the following is authored by Darāshikoha ?

#16. Which one of the following is highest value according to Charvaka ?

#17. Which of the following plant is not helpful in nitrogen fixation ?

#18. In photosynthesis

#19. Out of the following types of iron ore, reserve of which type is lanrgest in India ?

#20. Which two countries have constituted 40 milion USA dollar "Innovation Fund ?

#21. Where was "Global Entrepreneurs Summit" organised in India in the year 2017?

#22. Who is the new Chairman of "ISRO" from the following?

#23. Who has won his 16th Grandslam tite, US open male in the year 2017 in Tennis?

#24. When was 'Sagarmala Project' launched in India ?

#25. The following were the main events of the year 1945: 1. Wavell Plan 2. Simla Conference 3. Naval Mutiny 4. INA Trial

#26. The following popular movements Occurred after 1857 1. Santhal Rebellion 2. Indigo Revolt 3. Deccan Agriculturists Riots 4. Birsa Munda Uprising

#27. During the Neolithic Age the earliest evidence of the origin of agriculture has been found at which of the following place in the North-Westem regilon of Indian sub-continent

#28. Read the following statements: 1. Harisena was the famous poet of Samudragupta's Court. 2. He composed the epic Devichandraguptam. 3. He was also the author of 'Prayagaprashasti".

#29. 'Kodaikanal' is situated in which hill ?

#30. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer from the codes given below List- List-1 (Tribes) A. Santhals i. Tamil Nadu B. Bhil li. Andaman and Nicobar C. Toda ii. Jharkhand D. Jarawas iv. Rajasthan

#31. Which of the following is the National Water Way number 1 ?

#32. Which one of the following geographical regions is the oldest in the country ?

#33. Which one of the following is the most wide spread category of soils in India ?

#34. What is meaning of Guillotine in Parliamentary Procedure ?

#35. Which of the following doesn't take the oath of the office?

#36. What is correct about external emergency as per Article 352 ? i. It is proclaimed by the President. ii. It should be approved by Parliament within two months. ii. It should be approved by Parliament within one month. iv. It should be approved by Parliament by simple majority. v. It should be approved by Parliament by 2/3 majority. vi. It can be revoked by simple majority of Parliament. vii. It can be revoked by 2/3 majority of Parliament. vii. It can be approved in joint session of Parliament.

#37. Which unitary elements are found in Indian Federal System? i. Written Constitution i. Rigid Constitution ii. Supremacy of the Constitution iv. Appointment of Governor v. Decentralisation of Powers vi. President's approval on state bills vil. Constitutional Crises vilil. One Supreme Court

#38. Which is the largest item under Non-plan Expenditure of Central Government ?

#39. Which Central Public Enterprise hasS borne loss in India in the year 2014-15 ?

#40. When RBI announced on increase in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) then what does it mean 1

#41. Arrange the following in chronological order. 1. Nationalisation of 14 major bank 2. Nationalisation of SBI 3. Nationalisation of RBI 4. Nationalisation of LIC

#42. Which philosophy accepts "Triratna'' ?

#43. Who has propounded the doctrine of momentariness ?

#44. Anātmavada (no-self) is the doctrine of

#45. Which acid is present in Acid Rain ?

#46. Which one of the following industries uses limestone as a principal raw material ?

#47. In which rank, Nirmala Sita-Raman is female Defence Minister in India ?

#48. During which period, the 18th Asian games-2018 will be organised in Indonesia ?

#49. As of January 2018, who is India's all time leading scorer in football ?

#50. At which place "World Shipping Forum (WSF) 2017" is organised in India ?

#51. Which writer of Chhattisgarh translated Shakespeare's drama "Comedy of Errors" in Chhattisgarh?

#52. What was the name of the ruler of Kosal in Samudragupta's "Prayag Prashasti"?

#53. What was the designation of the Chief Revenue Officer during Kalchuri period in Chhattisgarh ?

#54. Match list - 1 with List - 2.

#55. What average annual growth rate of Gross State Domestic Producer of Chhattisgarh State is estimated advance at constant prices in 12 Five Year Plan ?

#56. What per capita income is estimated at constant prices of 2011-12 in Chhattisgarh for the year 2016-17?

#57. From which year "Submission Yojana on Agriculture Mechanism" is implemented in Chhattisgarh State ?

#58. From which year farmers are given agricultural loan on zero interest in Chhattisgarh State ?

#59. What contribution of forest is estimated in Gross State Domestic Product of Chhattisgarh State for the year 2016-17?

#60. How many water harvosting systom was targeted for the yoar 2015-16 undor the Community Water Resourco0s Sources Development in C.G. ?

#61. Which pulse has recorded maximum production in Chhattisgarh State in the year 2015-16?

#62. In which year the production of coal has declined as compared to previous year in Chhattisgarh during the period 2012-13 to 2015-16 ?

#63. In which year the value of mineral production of Chattisgarh state is the maximum percentage of the value of mineral production of All India during 2012-13 to 2016-17 October period ?

#64. In which place the Apparel Training and Designing Centres are not established in Chhattisgarh ?

#65. In which state, the first "Yoga Commission of Nation" is established ?

#66. What average annual growth rate at constant prices was fixed as target for Chhattisgarh State in Twelfth five year plan ?

#67. If the President of Zilla Panchayat is suspended, what will be happened ?

#68. What is correct about the tenure of municipal council ?i. The tenure of municipal council is counted from the date of declaration of election result. ii. The tenure of municipal council is cOunted from the date of its first meeting. ii. The tenure of municipal council is 5 years. iv. If municipal council is dissolved in two years, then new municipal council will be organised for three years. v. If municipal council is dissolved in two years, then new municipal council will be organised for 5 years.

#69. When the Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat is elected indirectly ? (According to Chhattisgarh Panchayati Raj Act, 1993 Article 13)

#70. If a Councillor as a legal practitioner acts on behalf of any other person against the Municipal Council, what will be happened ?

#71. The crossing point of tropic of cancer and Indian Standard Time in Chhattisgarh is

#72. Which district of Chhattisgarh has highest "Human Development Index"?

#73. Northern boundary of which State form Southern boundary of Chhattisgarh State ?

#74. In which district "Sita lekhani" hill located ?

#75. Who is the particularly backward tribal group in Raipur division ?

#76. Match List-1 (British Superintendences of Chhattisgarh) with List 2 (Main events of their times).

#77. Ratnakar Jha was freedom fighter of which place ?

#78. Which of the following pair (organization and person) is correctily matched ?

#79. What is the trend of contribution of service sector in State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP) of Chattisgarh State at constant prices during the period 2011-12 to 2016-17 ?

#80. How much loan amount will be granted by bank under "Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana" for industry, business and service under "Kishor enterprise"?

#81. What is share of direct taxes in total tax-revenue of Chhattisgarh State in the 2016-17 Budget ?

#82. Which is not included in "Assured Irrigation Area Extension Scheme" ?

#83. Which is not included in "National Agricultural Development Yojana" ?

#84. What percentage of gross income of C. G. State Mandi Board is deposited annually in "Farmer Welfare Fund" ?

#85. Which industrial park cannot be established under PPP model in C.G. ?

#86. How many Prayas Aawasiya Vidyalaya" are established to provide special coaching for IIT, JEE, NEET, PET and CLAT COmpetitive examinations to students affected from Naxalite Districts of Chhattisgarh State ?

#87. From which year "Skill Development Scheme" is implemented in Chhattisgarh state ?

#88. When Tendu Leaves Bonus Festival 2017" was celebrated in Chhattisgarh State?

#89. What amount is given annually as financial aid to students admitted indIT in Chhattisgarh State ?

#90. If a candidate expired before polling in Panchayat election, then what shall be happened ? i. Polling shall be postponed. i. Polling shall not be postponed. ii. If remained only one candidate, then polling will be postponed. iv. If remained more than one, then polling will not be postponed.

#91. What is correct about Panchayat election ? i. There is one district election officer. i. There are one or more returning officers. ii. State election commission appoints returning officer. iv. With the consent of commission District Election Officer can appoint returning officer. v. Naib Tahsildar may be returning officer for Janpad Panchayat. vi. Naib Tahsildar may be returning officer for Gram Panchayat. vii. Naib Tahsildar may be returning officer for Zilla Panchayat. vii. District election officer himself only returning officer.

#92. Who speak "Kudukh dialect ?

#93. Tribos of which division, colebrato "Mati" festival ?

#94. Who is famous singer of "Bharthari Gayan" (song) ?

#95. What is Chhattisgarhi idioms for "Lajit hona" ?

#96. "Kondagaon" is famous for what ?

#97. What is correct about the wards committee of Nagar Panchayat? i. Wards committee is formed with some wards of Nagar Panchayat. ii. Councillor elected from the wards become its member. ii. Two persons are nominated in the committee residing in the ward. iv. Chairman of the wards committee is nominated by the President of Nagar Panchayat.

#98. With reference to India, Chhattisgarh comes under which geomorphological region ? a) Northern plain b) Peninsular upland c) Coastal plain d) Northern mountain e) None of the above 99. The number of districts at interstate boundary of Chhattisgarh is

#99. The ancient name "Nilotpala" for Mahanadi was stated in

#100. The Number of districts at interstate boundary of Chhattisgarh is


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