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TNPSC 2022 Group 1 Mains Question Paper (Solved)


UNIT – I (Section A)

Q1. Justify that the 1806 Vellore Mutiny was a precursor to 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. 

Q2. Assess the working of Dyarchy in the provinces according to the Act of 1919.

Q3. Give an account of the contribution of Lalit Kala Academy. 

Q4. Highlight the role of Sardar Patel in the Integration of the Indian States.

Q5. How far the International influences helped for the growth of Extremist nationalism in India?

UNIT – I (Section B)

Q6. In what ways do you think, India is formidable / strong even in the midst of diversities?

Q7. Did 19th Century Socio-religious reform movements address unethical social practices against women and children?

Q8. How far the Keeladi excavation has had an impact on the antiquity of ancient Tamil civilization?

Q9. Evaluate the role of working class of Tamil Nadu in the Quit India Movement.

Q10. Analyse the impacts of Economic policies in British India.

UNIT – II (Section A)

Q11. Examine whether rural women in India have been empowered by their active participation in Panchayat Raj system.

Q12. Critically evaluate the role of E-learning in bridging the rural, urban educational gap.

Q13. Why is Total Fertility rate falling in India? What are it’s implication on population explosion?

Q14. Discuss the role of non-governmental organisations in promoting social welfare among vulnerable sections of society

Q15. Seasonal migration of weaker sections of rural population is leading to empty schools and closed doors. Critically assess this statement.

UNIT – II (Section B)

Q16. Unequal distribution of benefits of development on regional basis eventually promotes regionalism. Substantiate your answer with illustration. 

Q17. Do you agree with the view that digital revolution has empowered the people at grass roots?

Q18. Evaluate the economic and non-economic factors influencing entrepreneurship growth in India.

Q19. Discus the various social problems that originate out of the speedy process of urbanisation in India.

Q20. Analyse whether poverty is the cause of child labour or child labour is the cause of poverty.