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MPSC Solved Paper 2020

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#1. Match the following :- (a) The Peshwas (b) Maharaja Sawai Jaysingh (c) Raghunath Navalkar (d) Raja Sarfoji of Tanjore / (I) Built Library of English books and Laboratory for scientific experiments.

#2. Who from the following Sultans were from the Sayyad dynasty ? (a) Khijrakhan (b) Mubarakshah (c) Muhamadshah (d) Allauddin Alamshah

#3. Match the following :- (a) Mayurbhanj (b) Kolhapur (c) Rampur (d) Bhopal (i) Central Administration (ii) Merged into Bombay Province (iii) Merged into Orissa (iv) Merged into Uttar Pradesh

#4. Which of the from the following is wrong ?

#5. Who from the following women inspired the womanhood to fight the non - violent war of independence ? (a) Kamladevi (b) Hansa Mehta (c) Ratanben Mehta (d) Ramibai Kamdar (e) Laxmibai Garde

#6. Match the following leaders of the Hyderabad State Congress with their work and places of work . (a) Govindbhai Shroff (b) M. Ramchandra Rao (c) Dr. Melkote (d) Digambarrao Bindu , (i) Head of Action Committee (ii) Hyderabad - Secunderabad Area (iii) In - charge of struggle in Marathwada (iv) Andhra

#7. Who from following is described in the following sentences ? (a) He was from the kale village in Satara district . (b) He had studied upto fourth standard . (c) His 'Jalsa ' had tremendous impact on the people of Maharashtra. (d) He used to make the 'Bahujan Samaj' aware of their pitiable condition and lack of education in them.

#8. Match the following : (a) Parikshit (b) Janamejaya (c) Pravahana Jaivali (d) Janaka (i) is the hero of a famous song of praise found in Atharvaveda (ii) is credited with having gone round the earth (iii) Famous Philosopher (d) The patron of Yagnalkya

#9. Who gave a speech at the conference of aboriginals at Zari in Umbargaon Taluka on 23rd May, 1945 and asked them to end the practice of Forced Labour ?

#10. In 1889, who called a meeting of barbers in Bombay and discouraged them from tonsuring women ?

#11. What were the following State ? (a) The Malavas (b) Arjunayanas(c) Yaudheyas (d) Madrakas (e) Abhiras (f) Prarjunas (g) Sanakanikas (h) Kakas (i) Kharaparikas

#12. Match the following : (a) Mukunda Das (b) B.G. Tilak (c) Lala Lajpat Rai (d) Chidambaram Pillai (i) Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company (ii) Swadeshi movement against the use of foreign sogar (iii) Requested the Bombay Mill owners to supply dhotis at moderate rates (iv) Composed patriotic songs

#13. Who from the following persons were the court painters of Shahajahan ? (a) Mir , Hashan (b) Chitramani ,Anupchitra (c) Muhammad Hassan (d) Fakir Ulla

#14. Arrange the following things in chronological order . (a) The Pakistan Resolution (b) Rejection of Rajaji's proposal by the Congress (c) The Rajaji Formula (d) Simla Conference

#15. ............... wrote 'Natural History' in 75 A.D. in which there are references to exports from India .

#16. Match the following :- Column- i (Cities) (a) Paris (b) Geneva (c) Bon (d) Kiev : Column -ii (On River Bank) (i) Rhine (ii) Rhone (iii) Dneper (iv) Seine

#17. Consider the following statements :- (a) The Cuddapha rock system is found in Penganga and Godavari river basins. (b) Iron ore and Manganese is found in Dharwar rock system. (c) Coal is found in Gondawana rock system on ample scale.

#18. Match the following : (River) (a) The Indus (b) The Tapi (c) The Narmada (d) The Kaveri (Details) (i) Rises from semi-arid highlands of Chhattisgarh. (ii) Rises in Tibet, near lake Mansarowar. (iii) Rises in the Satpura ranges, in the Betul district. (iv) Rises in the Amarkantak hills in Madhya Pradesh. (v) Rises in the Brahmagiri range of the Western Ghats.

#19. Which of the following districts have their correct density of population and sex ratio as per census 2011 ? District (a) Thane (b) Nashik (c) Nanded (d) Aurangabad Density 886 393 319 366 Sex ratio 986 934 943 920

#20. Match the important words in the definition of 'optimum population' with the scholars who gave them. (a) Boulding (b) Dalton (c) Peterson (d) Car Saunders (i) maximum economic growth (ii) maximise standards of living (iii) maximum social welfare (iv) maximise income per head

#21. Observe the statements regarding soils in Maharashtra. (a) Regur soil contains Aluminium and Iron on sufficient level. (b) Lateric soil is found in moist climate. (c) Red soil is found in Bhandara district. (d) Red soil contains less amount of organic matter.

#22. Examine the following statements and select the proper option. (a) Majority of the coal fields found in India to the east of 78degiree East Longitude. (b) The states of Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand constitute more than 50% of the total coal production of India.

#23. The winds blowing from the subtropical high pressure belt towards the equatorial low pressure area known as _______.

#24. What happened in Maharashtra due to fragmentation of agricultural land ? (a) Farmer is not able to produce food grains, sufficient for his family. (b) There are obstacle to agricultural land. (c) The use of modern agricultural tools is uneconomical. (d) To pay individual attention on agricultural is uneconomical.

#25. The Ocean floors are divided into the following major divisions. Select the correct option. (a) The continental shelf (b) The continental slope (c) The continental ridge and hills (d) The shallow-deep sea plateau (e) The deep sea plain (f) The oceanic deeps

#26. Match the following : Dharwar Rock System (a) Champion series (b) Chilpi series (c) Rialo series (d) Iron-ore series. Area (i) Singhbhum, Bonai (ii) Delhi, Alwar (iii) Kolar, Raichur (iv) Balaghat, Jabalpur.

#27. Find right sequence of tahsils from north to south in Nandurbar district .

#28. If the time in India is 12:00 Noon , what would be the time simultaneously at the Greenwich meridian and the International date line , respectively ?

#29. Which situation is responsible for the monsoon winds in India ? (a) Extensive land area (b) Sea lies on three sides of India (c) Existence of Jet stream in 30digri to 40digri latitude belt

#30. Which statements are incorrect regarding Chinook winds ? (a) These winds blow on Rocky mountain . (b) These are the local winds. (c) These winds climb alps mountain from its south side. (d) These winds blow in Rhine river valley.

#31. Which of the following species was declared extinct in India long back 1952 ?

#32. Match the following :- Column -I (National Parks ) (a) Naramdapha (b) Bhagwan Mahavir (c) Simlipal (d) Dudhwa Column -II (state ) (i) Goa (ii) Uttarakhand (iii) Arunachal Pradesh (iv) Odisha

#33. Match the following :- Impact of Noise on Human Activities . Column- I (Noise level) (a) 100dB (b) 40dB (c) 70 dB (d) 90dB Column -II (Human Activities ) (i) Sleep Interference (ii) Loss of Working Efficiency (iii) Permanent Loss of hearing (iii) Speech Interference


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