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UPSC Prelims 1979 Paper (English)

Table of Contents


#1. Solar eclipse occurs when

#2. When a man circles round the earth in a satellite, then

#3. The weight of an object at the poles is greater than at the equator. This is because

#4. The first metal used by the man was

#5. Gobar gas contains mainly

#6. The content of water is greater than fats, the plasma is more than proteins, proteins are more than fats and fats less than plasma. Which constitutes the major Part of the human body?

#7. Dialysis is used for a patient suffering from

#8. Pulse reading is done by doctors to find out

#9. After how many days rash appears on the body after the attack of Measles?

#10. The Vitamin responsible for anti-sterile activity is

#11. The water in an open pond remains cool even in hot summer because

#12. You are travelling in a car and a thunder storm suddenly takes place. What will be your first step?

#13. The most common substance responsible for pollution is

#14. If a large number of people are enclosed in a room, then

#15. It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of the

#16. Higher plants take up Nitrogen as

#17. Green plants in the sea are useful for the respiration of fish because

#18. Stripes on the back of the animals are the indication of

#19. Which of the following is a balanced fertiliser for plants?

#20. Which of the following is not immunised by ‘Triple Antigen’?

#21. Milk fever in cows occurs due to the lack of

#22. After hatching by the hen, the young chicks come out of eggs within

#23. Which one of the following is a fast growing tree?

#24. Decrease in white blood cells results in

#25. In India people suffer from Anaemia due to lack of

#26. Reserprine derived from the plant ‘Serpentina’ is used to

#27. In India it is found recently that incidence of Malaria is increasing because

#28. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because

#29. Feeding of milk cattle with cotton seeds

#30. Mouth and foot diseases in cattle are caused due to

#31. A body partially floats in wafer when

#32. Permanent hardness of water cannot be removed by

#33. In summer, man with excess perspiration feels weak, because of the

#34. The two branches of a plant give two different fruits : tomatoes and brinjals. This can be explained

#35. The density of sea water is highest as

#36. The function of the liver is to

#37. The temperature for pasteurisation of milk is selected so as to

#38. What is the most important factor for the growth of pests in stored grains?

#39. Age of a free can be determined

#40. Which of the following can be said as the “Theory of Darwin”

#41. In high mountain regions bleeding through nose occurs because

#42. One litre of cold air weighs heavier than the dry air (1 Lit) because of the

#43. The term ‘Test Tube Baby’ implies

#44. Decomposition of organic matter is due to

#45. Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins which are responsible for energy, growth and vitality are obtained respectively from

#46. When light enters a closed room through a small hole in the door, the image of an outside building appears as inverted on the opposite wall. This is because

#47. The growth of seedling plants after transplantation will not always be proper because

#48. BCG vaccination is to be given to a new born child

#49. An ordinary clock loses time in summer. This is because

#50. A ball bounces higher at high altitudes than in plains. This is because

#51. Which of the following metals is used in the electromagnets?

#52. The bats can fly in the dark because

#53. The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are called

#54. Ajanta Caves are located in the State of

#55. Consumer welfare is indicated by

#56. Different notes are produced by a flute by

#57. Which hydro-electric project produces maximum power energy?

#58. What is the most remarkable aspect of Indian industry since independence?

#59. Productivity being low, cottage industry produced a lot because

#60. Which two of the following are animal products?

#61. Recent discovery of method of reducing salination of soil is

#62. What is Government’s trade policy?

#63. What factors changed the landscape of India most in the last century?

#64. Which are the two States next to U.P. having maximum representation in Lok Sabha?

#65. The members of Constituent Assembly were

#66. What is the power of Rajya Sabha regarding Money Bill?

#67. The next Olympic and Asian Games will be held respectively at

#68. Who was the Prime Minister of Iran when Shah of Iran left the country?

#69. Cause of inflation is

#70. India won last Hockey Olympic Gold Medal in

#71. The first Asian Games were held at

#72. Who said first : “Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it”.

#73. “Gresham’s Law” in Economics relates to

#74. The countries of the world are economically interdependent. This fact is proved

#75. A report says - The number of bus accidents is more than that of car accidents, the number of car accidents is less than the number of truck accidents, the number of truck accidents is less than the number of bus accidents. Which of the following conclusions do you draw from this report?

#76. The Government’s gold auction policy is aimed at

#77. In the 25th National Games held at Hyderabad recently, which of the following States stood first and second respectively in the final tally of medals?

#78. The Constitution 44th Amendment (renumbered as 43rd Amendment)

#79. Which party has won the majority in the recent elections in Bangladesh?

#80. Which of the following is contained in the Concurrent List?

#81. In the first half of the year 1 978, the relations between India and U.S.A. suffered setback on account of

#82. The principal language of Nagaland is

#83. In a parliamentary system the executive is responsible

#84. The Vice-President of India is elected by

#85. Which language has been added recently to the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?

#86. Which of the following is not included in the list of Fundamental Duties in the Constitution?

#87. “India Wins Freedom” was written by

#88. The President of Union of India has the same constitutional authority as the

#89. Which of the following is not the member of U.N.O.?

#90. The per capita income of India in 1977-78 at 1970-71 prices was

#91. A candidate to become a member of Lok Sabha should not be less than

#92. Which of the following is not included in Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India?

#93. The word ‘secular’ denotes

#94. Which of the following Asian languages are UN official languages?

#95. The two highest gallantry awards in India are

#96. Who is authorised to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a member of Parliament?

#97. Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause

#98. During one year the sales of a cooperative milk society are Rs. 41,000. During the succeeding year the sales increased to Rs. 59,000. It is claimed that there is a 50% increase in the saleable proceeds of the milk handled by it. If we are to arrive at a conclusion to know whether there has been any improvement in its functioning, we must enquire whether

#99. Which of the following territories is not absolutely independent?

#100. Temporary control of inflation can be effected by

#101. Birth rate (per thousand) (1941-51) 39.9, (1951-61) 41.7, (1961-71) 41.1 Death rate (per thousand) (1941-51) 27.4, (1951-61) 22.8, (1961-71) 18.9 (The figures are only approximate) From the above table it follows that the maximum addition of population took place during the period

#102. The most important event to occur for the first time in the recent history of Europe is

#103. Which of the following States in India has no Legislative Council?

#104. The most controversial provision in the 42nd Constitution Amendment is

#105. Buyers’ market denotes the place where

#106. The case of dispute in the presidential election is referred to

#107. Which of the following is a dance- drama?

#108. Panchayati Raj administration is primarily aimed

#109. Panchayati Raj as introduced in 1959 operates at

#110. First Europeans, who started trade with India, were

#111. The Home Rule movement was launched by

#112. The cause for the immediate precipitation of the Sepoy Mutiny was

#113. Gandhiji started Dandi March in 1930

#114. Gandhiji’s “Champaran Movement” was for

#115. Who commented “the Cripps Mission was a post-dated cheque on a crashing bank”?

#116. “Khilafat” movement subsided because of the

#117. The aim of the Cripps Mission to India was to

#118. The Lucknow Congress Session of 1916 refers to

#119. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, this inspiration was derived from

#120. Rabindranath Tagore surrendered his title to the British because of

#121. Among the following who was the proponent of the ‘Bhakti Cult’ from West Bengal?

#122. The Interim Government at the Centre after independence was formed

#123. Who was the Prime Minister of U.K. at the time of India’s Independence?

#124. “Sufi Sect” originated and developed in

#125. The worship of idols started in India in

#126. Which of the following Muslim rulers enforced price control system?

#127. The earnings of the kings in the Medieval age were mostly derived from

#128. “Mansabdars” in Mughal period were

#129. The purpose of Mohammad Ghazni’s attack on India was

#130. Who led the extremists before the arrival of Gandhiji on the political scene for freedom struggle?

#131. The French supremacy in India came to an end with the

#132. Indian National Congress took the stand during Second World War that

#133. The great philosopher Shankara advocated

#134. The planets nearest to Sun are

#135. The crop which grows in alluvial soil and needs 150 cm rainfall is

#136. “Golan Heights” belonging to country “A” were captured by a country “B”. Which of the following are “A” and “B” respectively?

#137. The extinctive type of lions are mostly found in

#138. India spent most of its foreign exchange reserves in 1977-78 for

#139. Which of the following projects is administered by more than one State?

#140. Line demarcating the boundary between India and China is

#141. The oldest mountains are

#142. “Laterite Soil” is found in India in

#143. Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?

#144. The winter rain in Madras is caused by

#145. Richter scale is used to measure

#146. The sea territory of India extends up to

#147. India’s population according to 1971 Census was approximately

#148. Which of the following fertiliser plants is not in the public sector?

#149. India earns maximum foreign exchange by the export of which of the following commodities?

#150. Maximum number of workers are employed in which of the following industries in India?

#151. You are asked to import ostrich, platypus and koala bear. Which country would you select to go where you get all these three?

#152. At which place will you find maximum sunlight in December?

#153. The number of States having common boundary with the State of Madhya Pradesh

#154. The crop which is sown with the commencement of Monsoon is

#155. Black Pagoda is in

#156. Which among the following States depends primarily on thermal power?

#157. Which among the following States possesses oil resources based on geographical location?

#158. In which of the following States the yield of forest wealth per acre is highest?

#159. The maximum percentage of the tribal population in India constitutes

#160. The great Indian Bustard is found in

#161. The cutting of forests leads to

#162. Underground Railways are being built in India at

#163. The construction of Marmugao port has been fast in recent years because of

#164. Allocation for power sector during the 6th Five-Year Plan (1978-83) is

#165. Gondwana hills are located in

#166. ‘Jhum Cultivation’ is connected with

#167. The Supersonic jets tend to cause

#168. It has been found recently that the acidity of the soil increases because of

#169. China attacked Vietnam because

#170. “Socialistic Pattern” comes through

#171. Which of the following has not declared itself as an Islamic Republic?

#172. Which head of state has based his foreign policy largely on Human Rights?

#173. “Chipko movement” in Uttar Pradesh relates to

#174. What is a Scheduled Bank?

#175. Which of the following cows gives maximum milk yield?

#176. China intends to purchase from U.K.

#177. The sculpture with the three faces of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh known as “Trimurti” appears in

#178. During Aurangzeb’s reign, which of the following were not included in his government?

#179. What was the important reason for the fall of Vijayanagar Empire?

#180. “Inquilab Zindabad” slogan was given by

#181. “Red Shirts” movement aimed at

#182. Which of the following was not the outcome of Jallianwalah Bagh massacre?

#183. “Bijanti” government is compared to the Chola’s for

#184. Who evolved the national consciousness as a formal concept?

#185. Why could British only succeed in trade and commerce in India?

#186. Which is not the Indo-Aryart language?

#187. Who participated the least in the Indian National Movement?

#188. The name Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran is derived from the

#189. Which of the following throws light on Harappan Culture?

#190. The Prime Minister of Interim Government of India after Independence was

#191. Swadeshi movement started during

#192. Aim of Swaraj Parly was to

#193. Which of the following countries did not suffer imperial aggression?

#194. Swaraj Party was founded by

#195. Which party was in power in U.K. when India became independent

#196. What is the likely impact of decrease of population on economy?

#197. Which State is the biggest producer of cashewnuts?

#198. Which of the following States has no Panchayati Raj setup?

#199. Unemployment insurance will result in

#200. From the graph it follows that: India generally produces more rice than wheat, Production of wheat increases marginally around 4 percent, India exports more sugar than wheat, The cultivable area under sugar is higher than under rice


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